International Dog Day 2021 - The purpose of today's day is to spread awareness among people on adopting a four-legged friend instead of buying them from a pet shop.

International Dog Day 2021 -  Know how and when this day started | What is the history

International Dog Day 2021- It is said that a dog is a faithful companion of man. Relatives and friends may deceive you, but a pet dog does not betray you. That's why dogs are bred to guard the house. Like every year, today is a special day for dogs. Celebrated on 26 August, this day draws attention to the importance of dogs irrespective of species, size, breed. The purpose of today's day is to spread awareness among people about adopting a four-legged friend instead of buying them from a pet shop.

International Dog Day: History

International Dog Day was founded in 2004 by Pet Lifestyle Expert and Colleen Page, an animal rescue advocate, dog trainer, and author. International Dog Day was organized for the first time on 26 August 2004. August 26 was chosen because it was on this day that the Paige family adopted their first dog at the age of ten. Colleen Page is also the founder of several days such as National Puppy Day, National Mutt Day, National Cat Day and National Wildlife Day.

Make today's day special

You are suggested to make today's day special in many ways. Dog Day can be celebrated in many ways. Adopt a stray dog ​​and rescue it. Support trusted dog owners or adopt from Rescue Home. Today, honor dogs and their various talents in two ways. First take time to welcome the dogs in your life and secondly support them in their time of need. You can donate to the animal philanthropic organization of your choice on this day. A search online will reveal charitable organizations and rescue shelters without home dogs that are doing amazing work.

Some Important things Related to Dog Day

  • A dog is such an animal that shows its loyalty to the people of the place or the house in which it lives
  • They play on their lives to save the lives of the members of the houses where they are brought up.
  • Dogs are so attached to the owners and members of their house that if any unknown person comes and stands near them, then they bite, frighten him and latch on to him.
  • Swimming is also found in most dogs.
  • If some other dog comes where they live, then he takes a sigh of relief only after driving them away from there.
  • The dog knows who this person is only by the sound of thieves coming or by the sound of some unknown person and he starts barking loudly.
  • Dogs have a very strong sense of smell. By smelling it, they identify good and bad.
  • There are three eyelids in both their eyes, in which the third eyelid provides protection to their eyes, which is called the nictitating membrane.
  • Keeping a dog is also beneficial from the point of view of human health. It has also been proved in research that keeping a dog puts humans at risk of heart diseases, heart
  • Attack or stroke, blood pressure drops. People who live alone have a higher risk of heart disease. Therefore, being near a dog increases the activity of a human.
  • The dog can smell the smell up to several kilometers away.
  • By keeping a dog in the house, a person remains active, he becomes more social as he walks more, goes out of the house.
  • After the arrival of this creature in the life of a person, along with reduction in negative thoughts, there is an improvement in health, so that a person can live a long life.
  • The black colored dog is also considered as the vehicle of Kaal Bhairav. By giving it food, it protects human beings from all kinds of accidental hazards.
  • Your dog has the ability to smell your feelings too. The dog can detect even the smallest changes in smell. Which helps him to find out how you are feeling. Like being scared or nervous when sweating, a dog can easily understand. Dogs can also detect certain diseases due to this ability.
  • Dogs whiskers help him see in the dark. These whiskers instantly catch the subtle changes in the air. Which provide information about the size and speed of objects nearby to the dog. Which allows them to hunt even at night and understand circumcision.
  • A dog is as intelligent as a two year old child. Which they respond by understanding your gestures.
  • Dogs also have a sense of time. When a member of the house leaves, they keep remembering him. Dogs also understand and notice our habits and lifestyle.
  • Dogs only have sweat glands in their paws. Which are found between the toes. This is the reason why it can help to moisten the lower part of your feet when it is hot.