Vidtoon 2.0 Review : Best Easiest 2D Video Animation Software | Learn More 

The Influencers, bloggers, online businesses, the education sector and other industries are using video content everywhere, such as on YouTube, social media, and blogs, so video is everything right now.
For this reason, the competition is so high, and hence the demand for attention-grabbing videos.
To stay ahead of your competitors, you need a better and faster video animation software to grow your freelancing career, video production company or YouTube channel.
In this VidToon review, we will explore VidToon, an advanced video animation software.

What is VidToon - VidToon Review

VidToon is a new video animation software that allows you to easily create 2D animated explainer videos for multiple niches. In the newly updated version (VidToon 2.0), the software has animated characters, multilingual text, a smart timeline option and more.
VidToon was developed by Cindy Donovan together with her parents after a long struggle with her video production career.
As a marketer, you can use this video making platform to create attractive videos because a video is 90% attractive than other marketing material.
Last year this platform has got more than 8 thousand happy customers. The platform has an inbuilt library with 34 HD backgrounds and 25 HD characters, each with 30 different animations.

Benefits of Choosing VidToon

Creating a video is a step-by-step process. VidToon can create great explanatory animated videos for any product or social media platform. Here are the top benefits of choosing VidToon.

Work Offline: VidToon is an offline video making platform. All you have to do is download and install the software on your system and work. You don't need internet connection for VidToon to work.

Easy to Use User Interface: The user interface is newbie friendly. Both learners and professionals find the interface easy to navigate and start working. It uses drag and drop technology on the interface, with every tool easily accessible.

Friendly Onboarding and Video Tutorials: VidToon provides a friendly tutorial guide to its users. The tutorials help new users to quickly learn how to use the platform without spending much time learning.

Work smoothly in regular systems (Windows and Mac): VidToon works smoothly on Windows and Mac operating systems. The platform is compatible with both PC and Mac. All you have to do is install the software and start your project.

Affordable Cost: VidToon is cheap and affordable. You only have to pay once for lifetime use. VidToon 2.0 costs $49 for lifetime access

Zero technical skills required:  With VidToon, you don't need technical skills in video editing. The platform offers several templates and stock footage that can further your video editing journey.

Premium Customer Support: VidToon provides 24/7 customer support. Customers who wish to speak to customer service support can send them an email message to [email protected] The support team provides immediate solutions to your queries.

Has 30 Days Money Back Guarantee: VidToon allows you to use the product for 30 days after purchase and your money will be refunded if you find that it is not up to your standard. The 30-day money-back guarantee is a great deal to allow you to navigate through the features.

Where Can We Use Animated Videos?

Newest Way To Create Animated Videos 

Just upgrade to Vidtoon 2.0 and start creating your animated video with easy. Making videos on Vidtoon 2.0 is as easy as child’s play with the newest and wide range of software on Vidtoon 2.0
It is so simple to use that a complete new user without any prior experience in animated video making can make videos with the drag and drop function which has a wide range of resources with which we can customize, personalize and design our content to perfection.

Success Mantra With Vidtoon 2.0 

  • Download Vidtoon 2.0
  • Make Videos
  • Go Viral On Social Media

Whats New in Vidtoon 2.0 From Previous Version?

  • 25 New Characters
  • 30 More Animations and Transitions
  • Reducing Image Preview Quality Without Affecting Final Output
  • 34 New HD Background

Other Features Of Vidtoon 2.0
  • Amazing Transition2d explainer video
  • Impressive Typography
  • Easy Customization
  • Simplistic Technology
  • Rapid Personalization
  • Immensely Conversational
  • Text To Speech Support
  • Multi-Install License
  • 30 Days Refund Policy

Who can use VidToon ?

Marketers can use VidToon to create marketing videos that grab the attention of viewers. YouTubers also use this software to create YouTube videos including tutorials.
Social media marketers and users use this software to create videos for Facebook and Instagram.
Teachers use this platform to create animations that help in teaching their lessons. Companies and organizations use the platform to develop advertising videos for their new product launches.

How does VidToon 2.0 work?

VidToon is very easy to use. After purchasing the software license, you are granted access to the Platform. Here are the basics of how VidToon 2.0 works

  • Open software
  • Add background image
  • Choose and add an animated character of your choice.
  • Add a voiceover text.
  • Add music
  • Export your file to a location on your computer

VidToon Pros and Cons:

VidToon Pros 
  • 100+ Animated Characters
  • The software has an easy-to-use interface
  • The software is compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems.
  • There are free audio tracks.
  • Payment is one-time, and the license is used forever.
  • This saves time and energy.
Vidtoon Cons 
  • There aren't many options for video export.
  • Character animations are limited for some industries.
  • Software is not cloud-based

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which devices are supported with Vidtoon 2.0?
  • Supported on Windows with minimum i5 and 8Gb RAM & on MacOS
  • Not Supported on Mobiles and iPad

2. How many Characters are available in Vidtoon 2.0?

2a. There are 23 types of Characters in which there are
  • 21 Black Male + 21 Black Female Characters
  • 21 White Male + 21 White Female Characters
2b. Total 84 Animated Files Per Character.

3. How many Animations are available on Vidtoon 2.0?
  • Total 1680 Animated Files 

4. Does Vidtoon 2.0 comes with Step-By-Step Instructions?
  • Step-By-Step Video Tutorial Included
  • Customer Support Team is Also Available 

5. How To Contact With Support Team?

6. What is the video resolution of exported files from Vidtoon 2.0?
  • FHD Resolution

VidToon Review Conclusion

This is the end of my VidToon review. Now it is up to you whether you want to buy this software or not.

From this VidToon review, it is clear that the platform is excellent animated software for all content creators, YouTubers, and freelancers from this review.

The software helps marketers to reach more customers and generate sales. The upgraded version looks even better with more added feature.

The best part of this is that the complete software comes in a one-time purchase. At $49, you get all VidToon 2.0-lifetime licenses.